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  1. Hey mate, thanks for the comments. Funny but I wasnt really aiming to keep the size down, but 6 out of the 10 are small like that.
    The only reason (apart from genetic predisposition) my plants stay smaller is because I use a LOT of blue/white light in both veg and bloom stages. This is a good way to "arrest" that stretching tendency, I have much more compact plants in general since i've been using them.
    Ps. Dont know if you can get the 250 watt cfl's in the UK, but sooner or later they'll come onto the market there.
    Whenever they do, grab some to supplement your HID's.
    I think the main benefit is being able to give your plants a fuller light spectrum. I have 140000k(blue), 2700k(orange), 6400k (white), and these new (almost UV purple) 25000k's.
  2. Hey SM, hope everythings going well.
    Did you have any success with the headache remedy?
    Keen to know how it went...
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