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03-03-2011, 02:35 PM
Jump in here and let us know what your med world is up to!

Jack Burton
07-16-2011, 11:48 PM
I might be moving to AK pretty soon. Ive read the medical laws are pretty lame, like 4 plants per patient or something around those lines. How ever, Ive read you cannot get busted if you grow up to 24 plants as long as its not in a living environment, or permanent structure. So i guess a an old Uhaual van or a mobile green house with wheels or something like that.

02-18-2012, 02:37 PM
Hello to all. i was wondering if we have any Alaskans active?

i have heard tales comin from "Up North" a few years back of a weed with a wild name, only grown in Alaska and how amazing its effects and durations of a high were. I always wondered of its actual exsistence or was it just stories around the Drum Circle? You know them kinda stories?...where ya hear of a guy who shows up out of nowhere and has this huge bud and he breaks off some and gets the whole room high, then after telling everyone of what they just enjoyed he then seems to disapear like the " High Plains Drifter" in a far off curtain of a distant haze like vapor. lol, haha.

Well, one day im reading a hightimes medical dispensary issue and right there before my eyes was that very infamous strain called "Alaskan Thunderfuck" !!! I'll be damned, it does exsist !! It was recently in a canna cup somewhere in Californy, and was tested/rated as a high thc, cbd, cbn ratio and came in 1st place. and under genetics info, just as to add to the legend of its claim to fame, was entered as a "Clone Only" strain. thats so cool.

Well, i am goin to take a trip up to Alaska this summer to see if i can hunt this strain down...it would be nice to find seeds but as the legend has it i will have to hope to find the clone, then the adventure will be gettin it home! you wont want to risk such a precious find in anyone else's hands, you'll want to hang on to this cargo tighter than "Dicks Hat Band" ! and you know that the first leg of this trip home will have to be by boat, hopefully wont have to go through a border check...or might have to be a small charter plane... lol

and while this trip unfolds, a couple questions will be swirling about..."I wonder how they will refresh the strain without the male? can't clone forever... :( " ...and when they do get around to do a seed run wouldnt it be wonderful to be there when they do that? maybe be able to get a female and male clone. wow, now that would be a privledge and a great storie for the camp fire. :cool:

if anyone up there can give me a territory to start the search, please feel free to PM.