View Full Version : M-74 : The Oregon Regulated Medical Marijuana Supply System

09-01-2010, 05:37 AM
Oregon M-74

The Oregon Regulated Medical
Marijuana Supply System

Information (http://regulatemedicalmarijuana.org/act1.php)

Marijuana is a safe effective medicine when used appropriately. The scientific evidence is extensive and irrefutable. Over 3400 different Oregon doctors have qualified patients.

Qualified patients should be able to obtain medical marijuana safely, conveniently and affordably. The current law keeps patients from being arrested but they must grow their own marijuana.

Marijuana can be processed into many forms. It need not be smoked. Patients should be able to obtain the most advanced, quality controlled, dosage labeled formulations available.

Patients should not be required to produce their own medicine but should be allowed to continue to grow for themselves if they choose.

Research should guide quality control standards and lead to more advanced products.

Measure 74 creates a regulated and accountable medical marijuana system.
Regulation includes:

Background checks
Record Keeping
Civil Fines and Criminal Penalties.
This supply system will raise revenue for other Oregon Health Authority programs.