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06-18-2010, 10:01 PM
KVAL 13 - Eugene, Oregon

Oregon officially recognizes marijuana for medical value
by Elissa Harrington KVAL News


EUGENE, Ore. - The Oregon Board of Pharmacy (http://search.kval.com/default.aspx?ct=r&q=%22Oregon+Board+of+Pharmacy%22) voted to change marijuana from what's known as a "Schedule I controlled substance" to a "Schedule II."

How will this affect pot in Oregon? And what does this mean?

"A schedule I drug means that it has no medicinal value that is recognized," said Lane County Chief Deputy District Attorney Patty Perlow. "A schedule II drug has recognized medicinal value but a high risk of abuse."

There are five classifications of controlled substances throughout the United States, Schedule I being the most dangerous and schedule V the least.

Some Schedule I drugs include LSD, heroin and psychedelic mushrooms. These have a "high abuse potential and no acceptable medical use in the United States," according to the State Board of Pharmacy.

Other Schedule II drugs include methamphetamine, oxycodone and cocaine. The board describes these as "high abuse potential with severe psychological or physical dependence liability.” But they are accepted for medical use in the U.S. by prescription.

"Cocaine is a drug that's abused a great deal," Perlow said, "but it's also used by plastic surgeons in surgery."

This reclassification, however, does not change the legality of the drug or the sentencing if you're caught with it.

"Changing it from Schedule I to Schedule II will not change the penalties," said Perlow. "It's more symbolic."

Symbolic for people like Jim Greig (http://search.kval.com/default.aspx?ct=r&q=%22Jim+Greig%22), a medical marijuana patient and a spearhead for Initiative 28 -- which would legalize medical marijuana dispensaries in the state.

"It's been stigmatized since the 30s and it's about time that people recognize it's medical value," he said.

But a Schedule II classification isn't what Greig was hoping for. He believes marijuana is not addictive, and says the Board of Pharmacy did not do enough scientific research.

Greig says the Drug Policy Forum of Oregon is planning an appeal, hoping to reclassify marijuana as an even less serious controlled substance.

He wants cannabis to fall under Schedule V. "That's where it properly would be placed," he says. "It's the safest herb known to man."

Less than an ounce of marijuana already falls into Schedule V.

Federal law still classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug, but Perlow said Oregon follows state law. KVAL News asked Perlow if Oregon being the first state in the nation to classify marijuana as anything less than a Schedule I drug is a big deal.

"This is a big deal for the proponents of the medical use of marijuana," she says. "But for the criminal involvement with marijuana, there will be no effect."



Good news for Oregon Maedical Cannabis Patients finally !

06-19-2010, 02:24 AM
thanks for posting this my friend! i dont have a lot of time to keep up on this stuff sometimes so it is awesome that you and others take time to post stuff like this !

08-11-2010, 03:41 PM
well nevada is where my family and i relocated to due to work a union carpenter when there was work here i'm just an apprentice but i still made over 30 bucks an hour full benefits now therezs nothing but this medicine and nevadas shitty set up of a law
in fact this law originated in the state of my birth my native home oregon nevada took oregon's initial medical marijuana law before oregon radically changed it into the wonderful piece of legislation it is today
i just dont see whats so hard for people down here to grasp this concept i've tried now for two years to open peoples eyes to this and they all act like this isnt or want oregons law your crazy this is nevadas piece of work and boy they're going to change it if they want to but no one knows how or has the money to do it
i've brought this to the attention to the people that claim to be the movers and shakers down here and it's just like water off a ducks back they're so petrified of this getting away from them and turning into the circus california is
they already have to deal with gangs coming here growing here for california dispensaries because its cheaper to do here but this states patients shouldnt have to pay for these rare and very small in numbers when the counts in at the end of the year maybe 20 outta 100 is illegal the rest are carded patients no one here does anything says anything ralllies for anything it's like walking on egg shells around here not how we do things back home there in eugene oregon a lil more in your face kinda politics these ppl elect these politicians and dont hold there feet to any kinda fire becasue the flame died out here in nevada the day the mafias supposedlly left town i personallyt think they were just hired as law enforcement for these bigger corporations that had more dough to throw into a casino type business i could be wrong but i dont see the gambino's having anywhere near the kinda cash it takes to run these casinos these days and over lawyer fees it just drove them outta the business but negotiated a way to still stay in the game the law enforcement is in charge of all the casinos the cards the this the that maybe i'm just a nut case but this nuts at least seen that for almost 10 years the law here hasnt even been challenged i find that very odd i was taught always question authority

10-13-2010, 09:47 PM
This is my 1st post on this site because I just signed up! Oregon has rescheduled Cannabis and is the 1st state to do so which is a step in the right direction for the cause. M74 is on the books next for nov let's hope it passes!