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  1. Intuit Does Not Advance NORML to Round 3 in Super Bowl Ad Contest
  2. Corporate Interests in Maine Torpedeo 2014 Legalization Effort
  3. Study: Most Medi-Pot Patients Prefer The Plant Over Pills
  4. Three Localities in Michigan Approve Legalization By Large Margins
  5. Portland, Maine Votes Overwhelmingly to Legalize Marijuana Possession
  6. Left and Right Media Agree: Let’s End Marijuana Prohibition
  7. Marijuana in the 2013 Elections
  8. Because Women Are NORML Too – Part II
  9. Banks Willing to Work With Marijuana Business, But Waiting for Federal Clarification
  10. Portland May Legalize Marijuana Possession Next Week, You Can Help
  11. Survey: Most Americans Say It Is “Unacceptable” For An Employee To Be Fired For Their Off-The-Job Marijuana Use
  12. NORML PAC Endorses John Hanger for Governor of Pennsylvania
  13. Maine Legislative Council to Vote Thursday on Introduction of Marijuana Legalization Measure
  14. Portland Lawmaker Deciding Vote in Defeating Maine Legalization Bill
  15. Colorado Raids Linked to DOJ Memo Violations & Drug Gangs
  16. NORML Argues State Prosecutors Can’t Justify Police Searches Based on Smell
  17. New Jersey Assembly Committee Approves Industrial Hemp Legislation
  18. Maine: Help Make Marijuana Legalization a Reality
  19. Washington: Over 1,300 Applications Submitted So Far By Those Seeking To Operate Marijuana Retail Outlets
  20. [That Other] Prohibition Was Repealed 80 Years Ago Today
  21. Indiana: Latest Red State To Go ‘Green’
  22. Uruguay: Lawmakers Authorize Marijuana Production And Sales
  23. New York State Legislators Announce Marijuana Legalization Bill
  24. Study: Cannabidiol Holds Promise For Treating Psychosis
  25. Teen Use Of Alcohol, Tobacco Falls To Historic Lows (But All The Media And The Feds Want To Talk About Is Pot)
  26. NORML: 2013 Annual Report
  27. Marijuana Arrest: Devastation Of A Life Well Lived
  28. 2013: The Year In Review – NORML’s Top 10 Events That Shaped Marijuana Policy
  29. The Countdown to Legal Cannabis Retail Sales Has Begun
  30. New Year, New World: Legal Marijuana Sales Begin in Colorado
  31. New York WILL Be The Next Medical Marijuana State
  32. A New Year’s Message to All My Friends at NORML
  33. CNN/ORC Poll: Majority Of Americans Want Marijuana Legalization
  34. This is What Grassroots Marijuana Law Reform Looks Like; Join Us
  35. Study: Student Drug Testing Programs Don’t Work
  36. Washington DC Residents Strongly Favor Legalizing Marijuana
  37. After Lengthy Floor Debate, New Hampshire General Assembly Approves Marijuana Legalization
  38. President Obama: Marijuana Less Dangerous Than Alcohol; Legalization in WA and CO “Important”
  39. 62% of Georgia Voters Support Marijuana Decriminalization
  40. Governor Christie’s Marijuana Plan: Say One Thing, Do Another
  41. Does Your Baby Smoke Pot?
  42. CBS Poll: Majority Of Americans Believe Marijuana Should Be Legal
  43. Colorado and Washington NORML: Cannabis Gets a “Super-Bowl” to Highlight Marijuana Law Reforms!
  44. Feds To Issue Banking Guidelines For Businesses Engaged In Cannabis Commerce
  45. Florida: Medical Cannabis Measure Qualifies For 2014 Ballot
  46. Florida Supreme Court Votes to Allow Medical Marijuana Amendment on Ballot
  47. The Prohibition Industrial Complex
  48. NORML PAC Endorses Heather Mizeur for Maryland Governor
  49. Today Show and NPR Features NORML
  50. Hawaii: 66 Percent Of Voters Back Legalizing Cannabis
  51. US House of Representatives Approves Hemp Research Provisions
  52. Massachusetts: Majority of Likely Voters Favor Legalizing Cannabis
  53. DC City Council Gives Initial Approval to Marijuana Decriminalization
  54. Rhode Island: Majority of Voters Back Licensing Retail Stores To Sell Cannabis to Adults
  55. Alaska: Election Officials Affirm Legalization Measure Has Enough Signatures To Qualify For The 2014 Ballot
  56. 28 States are Considering Marijuana Law Reform – Is Your State One Of Them?
  57. Lawmakers in Rhode Island Announce Marijuana Legalization Legislation
  58. 18 Members of Congress Call on President Obama to Remove Marijuana from Schedule I
  59. Representative Cohen Introduces the Unmuzzle the Drug Czar Act
  60. Departments of Justice and Treasury Release Marijuana Banking Guidance
  61. New York: Legalization Measures Possess Majority Support
  62. NORML PAC Endorses Shenna Bellows for US Senate
  63. More Than 40 Maine Lawmakers Sign Memo Urging Consideration of Marijuana Legalization
  64. Ohio: Majority of Voters Want to Legalize Marijuana, Nearly 9 out of 10 Support Medical Use
  65. NORML Argues Police May Not Question Citizens Based on Marijuana Odors
  66. National Black Caucus Of State Legislators Calls For Liberalizing Marijuana Penalties
  67. Reefer Madness Continues: Can Marijuana Kill You?
  68. District Of Columbia: City Council Finalizes Vote Decriminalizing Pot Possession Offenses
  69. Dr. Sanjay Gupta: “I Am Doubling Down On Medical Marijuana”
  70. Legal Pot’s Cash Conundrum
  71. Patients Ought To Be Skeptical Of Proposed CBD-Only Legislation — Here’s Why
  72. Colorado: First Month Of Legal Marijuana Sales Yields $3.5 Million In Taxes And Fees
  73. Maryland House Committee to Hear Decriminalization and Legalization Bills, Advocates to Rally in Support
  74. Poll: Americans View Pot As Less Harmful To Health Than Tobacco, Alcohol, Or Sugar
  75. New Hampshire House of Representatives Votes Overwhelmingly in Favor of Marijuana Decriminalization
  76. NORML PAC Endorses Tommy Wells for Mayor of DC
  77. Study: Inhaled Cannabis Mitigates Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms
  78. RAND Study: Marijuana Use Rises While Consumption Of Cocaine, Methamphetamine Falls
  79. Michigan: Regulators Expand State’s Medical Marijuana Law To Include Patients With PTSD
  80. Indiana: Lawmakers Approve Legislation Reclassifying Hemp As An Agricultural Commodity
  81. CBD-Only Legislation Will Likely Be Unworkable For Most Patients
  82. Study: Drug Dogs Most Likely To Err In Traffic Stop Scenarios
  83. Supposed ‘Medical Marijuana’ Measures In Alabama, Utah Are Anything But
  84. Poll: Marijuana Ballot Measures Likely To Increase Overall Voter Turnout
  85. DC Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Signed
  86. Pew Poll: Three-Quarters Of US Adults Say That Marijuana Legalization Is Inevitable
  87. WebMD Poll: Medical Community Backs Legalizing Cannabis
  88. Majority of Law Enforcement Officers Want to Reform Marijuana Laws
  89. Maryland House of Delegates Approves Marijuana Decriminalization
  90. Maine House and Senate to Vote on Putting Marijuana Legalization Before State Voters
  91. Maryland: Lawmakers Eliminate Criminal Penalties For Minor Marijuana Possession Offenses
  92. Study: Enactment Of Medical Cannabis Laws Not Associated With Higher Crime Rates
  93. Tennessee: Lawmakers Approve Measures Reclassifying Hemp As An Agricultural Commodity
  94. More States Move Forward With CBD-Only Measures, But Will They Help Patients?
  95. Maryland: Governor Signs Marijuana Reform Measures Into Law
  96. Study: Frequent Cannabis Consumers Less Likely To Engage In Problematic Alcohol Use
  97. Neuropsychological Deficits: Fact and Artifact About Marijuana Tests
  98. USF Hosts Statewide Florida NORML Conference
  99. NORML Responds To Latest Media Frenzy Over Pot and ‘Brain Damage’ Fears
  100. 420 words on 4/20 weekend
  101. Minnesota: African Americans Six Times More Likely Than Whites To Be Arrested For Marijuana Possession
  102. Alaska: Election Officials Postpone Marijuana Legalization Vote To November
  103. Study: Medical Cannabis Laws Not Associated With Increased Use By Adolescents
  104. Arizona: Supreme Court Rejects DUI Per Se Standard For THC Metabolites
  105. New Study Tells Nothing About Marijuana’s Role in Heart Disease
  106. Retired Supreme Court Justice Stevens: Feds Should Legalize Marijuana
  107. NORML PAC Endorses Adam Ebbin for US Congress
  108. Poll: Majority of Colorado Voters Positive About State’s Experience With Legalization
  109. NORML Interviews: PA State Senator and US Congressional Candidate Daylin Leach
  110. NORML PAC Endorses Neda Bolourian for Montgomery County Council
  111. Florida Poll: Majority Of Voters Back Legalization, Super-Majority Endorse Medical Cannabis
  112. Over 2,000 Texans Protest Unjust Marijuana Laws With DFW NORML
  113. Federal Government To Increase Its Supply Of Marijuana For Clinical Research
  114. New York City’s New Boss, Same as the Old?
  115. Connecticut: Majority Of Voters Supportive Of Legalizing Marijuana
  116. NORML PAC Endorses Wes Neuman for Congress in Florida’s 7th District
  117. House to Vote on Budget Amendment to Defund Medical Marijuana Raids
  118. Kentucky Sues Feds Over Confiscated Hemp Seeds
  119. Minnesota: Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana Compromise Measure
  120. South Carolina: Lawmakers Sign Off On Hemp Cultivation Measure
  121. Colorado: Lawmakers Approve Measure Funding State-Sponsored Medical Cannabis Research
  122. Missouri: Lawmakers Reduce Marijuana Possession Penalties, But Legal Relief Still Remains Years Away
  123. Vermont: Majority Support For Retail Marijuana Sales
  124. DEA Stands Down: Allows Kentucky To Go Forward With Hemp Planting
  125. US House Votes to Prohibit DOJ From Interfering With State Medical Marijuana or Industrial Hemp Programs
  126. Founder’s Blog: Majority Support
  127. NORML PAC Endorses Troy Jackson in Maine 2nd CD Primary
  128. Founder’s Blog: The Gift from Obama
  129. Jamaica: Government Promises Relaxation Of Ganja Possession Laws
  130. Texas GOP Adds Hemp Cultivation to Platform, Votes Against Support for Medical Marijuana
  131. The Fear of Pleasure: Why CBD-Only Legislation is Not a Real Solution
  132. Study: Oral THC Safely and Effectively Addresses Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms
  133. Philadelphia City Council Overwhelmingly Approves Decriminalization of Marijuana Possession
  134. US Senate To Vote Imminently On Budget Amendment to Defund Medical Marijuana Raids
  135. New York State Legislature and Governor Come to Agreement on Medical Marijuana
  136. The Potential Political Impact of Dabbing, Concentrates and Edibles
  137. Study: Habitual Marijuana Smoking Not Associated With Increased Risk Of Lung Cancer
  138. USDA Releases Official Workplace Policy on Marijuana, Highlights State and Federal Law Conflict
  139. Getting High with Hunter S. Thompson
  140. Here’s What Colorado Looks Like 6 Months into Legalization
  141. Washington: State-Licensed Cannabis Retailers To Open Next Week
  142. Oregon: Marijuana Initiative Backers Turn In 145,000 Signatures For Proposed 2014 Ballot Measure
  143. Despite Legalization, Thousands of Americans Still Go to Jail–and Need Lawyers to Defend Them
  144. Washington: State-Licensed Retail Cannabis Sales Begin
  145. Washington, DC: Marijuana Initiative Backers Turn In 57,000 Signatures For Proposed 2014 District Ballot Measure
  146. NORML Launches ‘Better Business Bureau’ for the Pot Industry
  147. The Origins of NORML: How Marijuana Reform Was Born
  148. The White House Opposes Congressional Attempts to Hinder DC Marijuana Reform
  149. Poll: Six Out Of Ten Americans Support Retail Marijuana Sales In Colorado
  150. House Approves Amendment to Allow Financial Institutions to Work With Marijuana Businesses
  151. District Of Columbia’s Marijuana Decriminalization Ordinance Goes Into Effect Tonight
  152. How to Prevent Employment Discrimination Against Cannabis Smokers
  153. It’s Official: Oregon Legalization Initiative Qualifies For The 2014 Ballot
  154. New York Times: End Prohibition, Again
  155. Pot Protestivals and the Role They Play in the Legalization Movement
  156. Poll: Majority Of Floridians Support Legalized Marijuana; Super-Majority Endorse Medicalization
  157. NORML PAC Endorses State Senator Connie Johnson for US Senate in Oklahoma
  158. Debunking the White House’s Reefer Mad Reaction to the NYT
  159. Study: Arrests For Marijuana Offenses Increasing In Many States
  160. Study: Legalized Medical Marijuana Doesn’t Impact Teen Use Rates
  161. Why Can’t Americans Grow Their Own Weed Without Fear?
  162. Help Us Reach the Marijuana Tipping Point
  163. The Legalization Movement Can’t Be Stopped
  164. Does Medical Cannabis Legalization Impact Policy Safety?
  165. Washington: Retail Marijuana Sales Total Nearly $4 Million In First Month
  166. Poll: Two-Thirds Of Americans Say Private Consumption Of Cannabis Should Be Legal
  167. Poll: Majority Of Pennsylvanians Support Reforming State’s Marijuana Laws
  168. Study: Cannabis Inhaler Delivers Effective Relief To Neuropathy Patients
  169. Scoring Some Weed in the Old Days: We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!
  170. Democratic Party of Oregon Endorses Marijuana Legalization Initiative
  171. It’s a Carnival, but It’s Our Carnival: The 2014 Seattle Hempfest
  172. History Of Marijuana…In Just 4:20!
  173. JAMA: Medical Cannabis States Possess Lower Rates Of Opiate-Induced Fatalities
  174. Study: Marijuna Use Inversely Associated With Intimate Partner Violence
  175. High Times’ Cannabis Consumer Choice Polling
  176. Illinois: Governor Signs Hemp Research Measure Into Law
  177. The Courts are AWOL in the War on Marijuana Smokers
  178. Poll: Sixty-Four Percent Of Florida Voters Back Constitutional Amendment To Legalize Medical Marijuana
  179. Survey: 58 Percent Of Americans Say Treat Cannabis Like Alcohol
  180. A Badge of Honor: Busted on the Boston Common
  181. Julie’s Baked Goods Joins the NORML Business Network
  182. Philadelphia: Mayor To Sign Marijuana Depenalization Measure
  183. CO Retail Pot Sales Surpassed Medical for the First Time in July
  184. The Importance of Getting Stoners to Vote on Nov. 4
  185. NORML PAC Endorses Paul Zuckerberg for DC Attorney General
  186. Grease Pot Parody: Steve Berke-style
  187. DC Voters Ready to Approve Marijuana Legalization
  188. Poll: Younger Voters Say Marijuana Is Less Harmful Than Alcohol
  189. Hanging With Willie: A Friendship Sealed With Weed
  190. Support NORML and get “Evergreen”, the exciting documentary that tells the story of how Rick Steves and friends helped legalize marijuana in Washingto
  191. Study: Legal Marijuana Market Would Yield Over $3 Billion In Tax Revenue
  192. Study: CBD Administration Associated With Improved Quality Of Life In Patients With Parkinson’s Disease
  193. 2014 Boston Freedom Rally: New England Gaining Ground
  194. Maryland: Reduced Marijuana Possession Penalties Take Effect
  195. Joseph McNamara RIP: Champion Against Cops Drug Warring
  196. NORML PAC Endorses Representative Heck for Congress
  197. Philadelphia Depenalizes Marijuana Possession
  198. Oregon Ballot Measure 91: Will Third Time Be The Charm?
  199. NORML PAC Endorses Representative Steve Cohen for Congress
  200. Marijuana Use Is Associated With Increased Survival In Brain Injury Patients
  201. NORML PAC Endorses Representative Beto O’Rourke for US Congress
  202. Great Uncertainty Ahead of Alaska Measure 2 Vote
  203. Israeli Researchers To Study Anti-Tumor Effects of CBD In Cancer Patients
  204. Afroman Remakes “Because I Got High” to Support Legalization
  205. NORML PAC Endorses Representative Blumenauer for Congress
  206. NORML PAC Endorses Senator Cory Booker for US Senate
  207. Majority of Delawareans Support Legalizing Marijuana
  208. Florida Amendment 2: Medical Marijuana Showdown in the South
  209. Federal District Court Judge Asks: Should Federal Law Classify Cannabis As One Of The Nation’s Most Dangerous Drugs?
  210. Study: Cannabis Use Not Associated With Deficits In Intelligence Quotient
  211. More Municipalities Embrace Marijuana Decriminalization
  212. Peek Into Uruguay’s Legal Marijuana Scene
  213. NORML’s Legislative Round Up March 18th, 2016
  214. Marijuana Legalization and the Presidential Election
  215. Supreme Court Turns Back Challenge To Marijuana Legalization Laws
  216. Medical Cannabis Access Associated With Decreased Opioid Use In Chronic Pain Patients
  217. NORML Endorsed AUMA, Now We Need Your Help
  218. Our Recent Supreme Court Victory and What It Means
  219. Early Registration Now Open For NORML’s Congressional Lobby Day 2016
  220. Pennsylvania: Medical Cannabis Measure Passes Major Hurdle
  221. The March Towards Normalization Continues
  222. NORML’s Legislative Round Up April 1st, 2016
  223. Time To Stop Complaining and Get Involved
  224. Leading US Senators Convene Anti-Marijuana Hearing
  225. What I’ve Learned
  226. It Is Time To Deschedule, Not Reschedule, Cannabis
  227. NORML’s Legislative Round Up April 8th, 2016
  228. Time To Move Beyond Street Theater
  229. NORML Endorses MILegalize 2016
  230. Pennsylvania: Lawmakers Give Final Approval To Medical Marijuana Measure
  231. NORML’s Legislative Round Up April 14th, 2016
  232. The Growing Acceptance of Marijuana Smoking in Society
  233. Join Us In Aspen for the 2016 NORML Legal Seminar
  234. Happy 4/20! NORML Unveils Our 2016 Congressional Scorecard
  235. 420: It’s Time To Get Involved in the Legalization Movement
  236. CBS Poll: Majority Of Americans Say ‘Marijuana Use Should Be Legal’
  237. NORML’s Legislative Round Up April 22nd, 2016
  238. Who Smokes Marijuana In America?
  239. Study: Opioid Abuse Rates Lower In Medical Cannabis States
  240. Maine: Marijuana Regulation Initiative Cleared For November Ballot
  241. Join Us In Washington D.C. For Our 2016 National Conference and Congressional Lobby Day
  242. Denver and Alaska Set to Push Legalization Envelope
  243. NORML’s Legislative Round Up April 29th, 2016
  244. The Next Step Towards Marijuana Justice: Don’t Forget the POWs
  245. Vermont: House Members Turn Back Marijuana Reform Efforts
  246. Women Are Stepping Up For Legalization
  247. NORML’s Legislative Round Up May 6th, 2016
  248. Support NORML: Spring Fundraising Drive Through May 31!
  249. Reefer Madness 2.0: Over-Regulation
  250. Study: Per Se Driving Limits For THC Ill Advised